Your package will be delivered based on the shipping method you select & what state you live in. We do not ship our packages over the weekend, because our carrier is closed on Sundays. Shipping during the weekend will hold the package in transit for a longer period of time, resulting in spoilage. The following are transit times based on the state you live in.
Keep in mind that we do ship fresh juices & smoothies. These juices are made weekly. We usually sell out of the juices every week. Sometimes the order may take a day longer to be shipped, because the juices are pressed & frozen solid before they are shipped.
1 DAY – Florida & parts of Georgia
2 DAYS – Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, some parts of Missouri, some parts of West Virginia, some parts of Ohio, some parts of Indiana, some parts of Pennsylvania.
3 DAYS – Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, some parts of North Dakota, some parts of South Dakota, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, some parts of Nebraska, some parts of Indiana, some parts of Ohio, some parts of Missouri, some parts of New Mexico, some parts of Louisiana, some parts of Pennsylvania, some parts of New York, some parts of West Virginia.
If you live in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, it is recommended that you select Fed Ex Express Saver shipping if your package takes 4-5 days. Your package will take 3 days in transit as opposed to 4-5, which sometimes is too long. 
Fed Ex Ground (for business) or Fed Ex Home Delivery(residential):
1 – 5 days transit time. This is the cheapest & the slowest method of transportation. We use this method for our discounted shipping.
Fed Ex Express Saver:
3 Days in transit, only delivers during weekdays.
Fed Ex 2 Day:
2 Days on or by 8:00PM, only delivers during weekdays
Fed Ex 2 Day AM:
2 Days by 10:30 AM only delivers during weekdays
Fed Ex Standard Overnight:
1 Day by 8:00PM only delivers during weekdays
Fed Ex Priority Overnight:
1 Day by 10:30AM only delivers during weekdays
Fed Ex First Overnight:
1 Day by 8:30AM only delivers during weekdays
Because the juices are constantly made fresh, bottled, & frozen at our facility & always sell out does not mean that your cleanse will arrive in exactly the times stated above. The length of time disclosed above by state is simply how long it takes the package to get to your doorstep while it is in transit.
Please be aware of the tracking number that is provided to you. This tracking number will inform you of when your delivery will arrive. It is important to receive your package upon delivery because the juices are perishable & cannot be left to sit outside. We are not responsible for unattended packages left outside for an extended amount of time. Please Be sure to double check that your address has been entered correctly. We are not responsible for misdelivery due to an incorrect address provided to us.
If you have any questions, you can contact us via email at or message us through our website or Facebook.