Q: How many calories are in each juice?

A: All of our nutritional information can be found on the second picture on the products page. Click here for nutritional info.

Q: Do you recommend exercise with the cleanse?

A: Whether or not you feel up to exercise is totally up to you. We recommend a light exercise such as yoga, stretching, ground exercises, or walking.

Q: What can I eat during the cleanse?

A: If you feel too hungry & that you absolutely need to eat something, a salad with no dressing, handful of nuts, avocado or any raw, unprocessed, plant based foods.

 Q: How late can I consume my last juice?

A: We recommend consuming your last juice at least 3 hours before bed.

Q: What do I do after 5 pm?

A: Ideally, you will consume your last juice of the day at 5 pm & not consume any more calories until 7 am the next day at the earliest. For the cleanse, even though you are only consuming juices & smoothies you are still feeding your body & some digestion still occurs. During the time you are consuming the juices, you are in a feeding state. The feeding state will last approximately 3-5 hours after you last juice. It is hard to burn any fat during this time. After this time, your body transitions into the fasted state which means you aren't absorbing any food. When you are in this state, your body is burning fat that cannot be burned while in the fed state. If you plan on eating during your cleanse, try to eat between the juices or make your last meal at 5. Keep to raw foods, such as raw veggies or nuts.

 Q: How much weight will I loose or how many days should I cleanse to lose weight?

A: Weight loss is not guaranteed. It is totally dependent on the individual & can vary greatly. Individuals can expect anywhere from 1-8 pounds of weight loss, or no weight loss. The longer you cleanse, the greater your chances will be.

 Q: Can I have coffee or tea during the cleanse?

A: We recommend tea during the cleanse, but coffee is fine too. Please do your best to abstain from adding any sugars or dairy to your coffee or tea.

 Q: When should I have my first juice?

A: Have your first juice when you would normally eat breakfast. If you do not eat breakfast, you can start 1-2 hours after you wake-up. From there, try to consume 6 juices per day 2-3 hours apart.

Q: What is the recommended order of consumption for my cleanse?

A: You will receive a brochure with your cleanse outlining the order in which to cleanse. If for some reason you did not receive one, all of this information can be found on our products page in the text section & in the picture.

Q: What if I don’t finish all my juices?

A: That is okay! Sometimes customers save their juices in the freezer for a later day to enjoy.

Q: Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: We do not recommend restricting caloric intake if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: How many days should I prep for my cleanse?

A: Allow yourself 2-4 days to prep. You can prep by eating plant based foods, drinking lots of water & more. Click here find more information about this on the How to Cleanse Page.



Q: Are your juices raw or pasteurized?

A: Our juices are raw & unpasteurized. They must be refrigerated & consumed within three days of thawing.

Q: Are your juices blended, or cold pressed?

A: Both. We blend our smoothies & the vegetables in our juices are cold pressed.

Q: My juices or smoothies are separated, is this normal?

A: Separation is naturally occurring, especially with raw natural juices & smoothies. If there is a lot of separation, you can blend the smoothies on low to help get rid of the separation.



Q: What do I do with my juices when I receive them?

A: If you plan on consuming the juices right away, store in the refrigerator to defrost. If you plan on consuming the juices at a later date, store in the freezer until the day before you cleanse.

Q: Can I leave the juices at room temperature?

A: We do not recommend leaving the juices at room temperature as they are unpasteurized. This could cause bacteria growth within the juice.

Q: How long are the juices good for once completely thawed?

A: Once the juices have been thawed, they are safe to consume within 3 days. We do not recommend consuming the juices after 3 days.

Q: My juices arrived partially thawed, what should I do?

A: If the juices are partially thawed or ice cold, this is ok. Please store in the refrigerator or the freezer.



Q: What temperature are food enzymes destroyed?

A: Enzymes are destroyed at 118 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Our juices are raw, never heated or pasteurized.






Q: How long will it take to get my juices?

A: We ship our juices from Clearwater, Florida. Shipping times varies, we ship Mondays-Fridays. We do not ship over the weekend because Fed Ex is closed. If you order closer to the weekend, we may not ship the juices until the following week. You can find more information on shipping times by clicking this link.

Q: What if my shipment is late or did not get delivered?

A: If the shipment is late or was not delivered, please contact us at runningsmoothie@gmail.com. If your tracking information says that your package was delivered but you have not received it please call Fed Ex & report the issue before contacting us. When we hear from you, we will ask for a case number that Fed Ex provides you. This process can take some time as Fed ex processes claims for up to a week.

*Please note: we will not assume responsiblity for a misdelivered package due to an incorrect address provided to us when the order is placed.*


Q: Do you require a signature for the delivery?

A: We do not require a signature with the delivery, but it is important to try to be available for when or around the time your package arrives, especially in the summer. We are not responsible for packages left outside for over 5 hours.

Q: Can you ship to a business?

A: Yes we will ship to businesses, but only during the weekdays. Please specify the name of the business to ensure accuracy of the delivery.

Q: Do you offer same day delivery?

A: We do not offer same day delivery at this time, we do the best we can to send your order out as soon as possible!

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship everywhere in the US except Alaska & Hawaii. We do not ship internationally.




Q: Can I get a refund?

A: If your order has not been shipped & you would like to cancel your order please contact us at runningsmoothie@gmail.com. If your order has already been shipped, we can not provide a refund. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery with pictures so we can solve the problem.